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Government plans to inject an extra £1bn into transport infrastructure are too focused on the south of the country, according to PD Ports which runs Teesport in the North East.

PD Ports has invested more than a million pounds in three reachstackers along with the refurbishment of its ferry terminal amenity facilities at Teesport.

A strategy document from the Department for Transport has given long-term support to continued growth of rail freight. Derrick Potter, board member of the Rail Freight Group and executive director of The Potter Group, welcomes it.

Building a greener supply chain is not easy with conflicting views on carbon offsetting, food miles and biofuels. Technology can help – but so can a radical review of accepted practices.

Legislation on how to implement green measures, is not clear enough and the result is confusion and misunderstanding, according to a sustainability survey by office and refurbishment fit out specialists Overbury.

The FTA has launched a web site to promote its efforts towards environmental issues including carbon footprint and sustainability.

More than 7,500 distribution vehicles from 130 operators took part in a survey into the transport of food and drink last month.

Lorry and van drivers are using mobile devices more and more to help them do their jobs better, however recent changes in the law are affecting the way they can legally be used. James Falkner reports on the pitfalls.