Manufacturers failing on supply chain data analysis

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Manufacturers in Europe are failing to effectively use data and analytics in supply chain planning and segmentation, according to a report by JDA and the University of Warwick.

The report found that 18 per cent of those surveyed considered historic, present and future data in the supply chain planning process. 39 per said their segmentation models were data-driven.

“The survey highlights that the majority of organisations are not using dynamic or data-driven models. Indeed, more organisations are driving their supply chains forward by looking in the rear-view mirror, rather than looking at the road ahead. It is not just that there’s an over reliance on historic data, it is quite possible that organisations are being driven along the wrong road altogether,” said Hans-Georg Kaltenbrunner, vice president manufacturing industry strategy, EMEA at JDA. “The research suggests that some organisations may not have the capability to accurately navigate their supply chain along the business roadmap, and a lack of analytics capabilities is widespread, along with a consistent end-to-end analytics approach.”

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