Mayor’s transport strategy needs more “rigour”, says CILT

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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport has warned that policies outlined in the Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy for London risk being undermined unless they are “reinforced with greater rigour and resolve”.

The CILT has said that it thinks the strategy should: “ better promote policies to drive modal shift, including a focus on rapid bus links and innovative local distribution. This should be underpinned by a full commitment to crucial infrastructure projects such as Crossrail 2.The ambitious targets for reducing car use can only be achieved with road-user charging as part of the policy mix.”

“The strategy contains many commendable objectives designed to meet the challenges London’s transport system faces,” said Daniel Parker-Klein, head of policy, CILT. “We do have concerns whether the strategy plans covering a number of areas are sufficiently strong and well developed.

“It is hoped our review of the strategy will allow the Mayor of London to better develop these proposals to ensure a cleaner, more efficient and thriving capital of the UK.”

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