Metapack partners with what3words to simplify door deliveries

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E-commerce delivery technology company Metapack, has partnered with location technology company what3words to streamline home deliveries.

What3words’ location technology divides the world into a grid of 3-meter squares with each one labelled each one with a unique combination of three words. This means that every entrance has its own unique address, whether that’s a home front door, or a specific entry point to a warehouse or residential complex. It also means every parking space, garden shed and safe space can be more easily identified as a delivery point.

Metapack hopes to make deliveries more efficient by using the technology.

Duncan Licence, Metapack’s VP of Global Product said: “Now that we can accept what3words, logistics partners can receive a what3words address from any e-commerce retailer at the same time as all other necessary logistics information, helping them to drive efficiencies across their supply chain and logistic operations.”

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