‘Migrant mayhem’ ahead, says RHA

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The RHA claims that Calais is “set for another summer of migrant mayhem”.

According to chief executive Richard Burnett, after visiting Calais with a national newspaper journalist, within an hour of arriving at the port he saw “horrifying attacks on drivers”.

“We watched one driver leave his cab and within seconds, a gang of migrants attempted to enter his truck,” said Burnett. “They succeeded and it was only because one of our team alerted the driver upon his return that they were removed.

“Despite this, many more migrants appeared; all intent on trying their luck.”

“I am really worried for the lives of these drivers – on this occasion he got away – others will not be so lucky.

Burnett said that the RHA is calling for urgent meetings with the French authorities ahead of the French elections to establish that the Le Touquet agreement will remain.

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