Morrisons installs new telematics solution

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Morrisons has installed a new telematics solution from Microlise in 545 of its HGVs. The supermarket retailer has deployed the technology with the hope it will assist in cutting down on both fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Morrisons3Microlise has said the telematics solution enables Morrisons to improve fuel performance, benefit from real-time visibility of its fleet and maximise vehicle uptime.

“Following a competitive tendering process, we opted to deploy the Microlise solution across our fleet,” said head of central logistics at Morrisons, Nick McCurtin. “Having an effective and efficient fleet to resupply our 500+ stores up and down the country is key to keeping shelves stocked.”

Nadeem Raza, chief executive officer at Microlise, said:

“We invest significantly in research and development each year and our product reflects some of the latest research in the field of driver engagement. We have designed the capabilities to make it easy to incentivise positive driving behaviour. The carrot is always more effective than the stick and we are glad that Morrisons will see the benefits through this deployment.”


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