Most business leaders have experienced a crisis

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Seven out of ten business leaders have experienced a crisis in the past five years, according to research by PwC, but 29 per cent of companies have no staff dedicated to crisis preparedness or response.

Half of the 2,084 business leaders surveyed said they had experienced an operational crisis, while one third cited tech failures and cybercrime, with humanitarian (29 per cent) and legal (28 per cent) categories of crisis close behind.

The Global Crisis Survey 2019, found that companies with more than 5,000 employees are more likely to have experienced more than 5 crises – an average of one per year

Global leader Kristin Rivera said: “Crisis can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Being ready is vital to mitigating its impact on customers and your organisation. Using data as a way to understand your organisations profile around financial liquidity, product failure and other forms of crisis alongside your crisis response is imperative in crisis preparedness.”

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