Natural gas network demands action

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The Natural Gas Vehicle Network has called on the newly elected mayors to tackle air pollution.

New mayors were elected in the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, the Liverpool City Region, the Tees Valley, the West of England and Cambridgeshire in the recent local elections.

The trade association argues that specific attention is needed to clean up HGVs, “one of the most vital yet most polluting types of vehicle for cities. HGVs are estimated to account for 16 per cent of UK road transport GHGs emissions, 21 per cent of road transport nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions but make up just 5 per cent of vehicle miles travelled and less than 2 per cent of vehicles on the road. Their disproportionate environmental impact suggests it is an area ripe for action.”

Chief executive Mike Foster said: “The government has consistently ignored HGVs in their plans for promoting cleaner vehicles and improving air quality. However, the figures show they are too big to ignore, and if the phrase ‘low-hanging fruit’ ever applied, it’s here.”

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