NEOPOST: Build the best box around the contents

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There  is  more  to  packaging  than  a sturdy  wrapping  around  a  product.

The order fulfillment process is the lifeblood for e-commerce, 3PLs and manufacturing companies, and an automated packaging process can change everything. Neopost’s  CVP-500, a leading technology solution in the Neopost Shipping portfolio, provides a fit-to-size 3D packing automation solution for optimal high-volume parcel packaging.

The CVP-500 Automated Packaging Solution builds, fills, folds and labels each order in one seamless process and creates a custom-fit package every seven seconds. It uses 20% less corrugated cardboard and eliminates unnecessary plastic or paper void fill, and reduces the volume of packages by 50% which enables more packages to be transported in one go. Companies worldwide benefit from a seamless packing process saving labour costs while reducing box volume and corrugate consumption.

Since it is quite a challenge to fit a 60 feet fully automated packing machine into a 4×4 feet stand, we decided to do something else entirely: a 360° VR movie of the CVP-500. Recorded at the warehouse of one of the largest e-retailers in Europe, we created a true VR experience. We will showcase the CVP-500 in 360º surround to demonstrate all the benefits of 3D packaging automation.

It is not every day you experience how it is to be packed in a custom fit parcel!

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