Oracle launches retail cloud inventory service

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Oracle Retail has introduced a store inventory operations cloud service which gives the ability to view inventory by size, colour and other key attributes.

By providing the ability to have visibility into inventory at a detailed level within the store, combined with a view of warehouse inventory, the service enables stores to influence inventory sell through by requesting it directly from the warehouse.

“With Oracle Retail Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service, we are providing retailers with the ability to have real-time inventory visibility to enable core merchandising operations, e-commerce and order management” said Jeff Warren, vice president, Oracle Retail.

“The integration points provide the level of inventory visibility and fulfilment transparency that makes a tremendous difference to the customer and to the business.”

The service is designed to address fashion or hard line retailers’ need for item visibility, and caters to them by enabling identifying items at the colour and size level as well as by the item’s exact location within stores across the store network.

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