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Yeovil-based Yoplait Dairy Crest (YDC), which produces fromage frais and children’s chilled yogurts and desserts, has a new blast freezer to chill eight production lines. The blast freezer, supplied by Transrent Holdings division Chill It, has given YDC

Order picking processes lie at the very heart of the distribution operation. Defining the right parameters and applying the correct technology can make all the difference between commercial success and failure. Make sure you’re a winner.

Warehouse management systems no longer work in isolation. Integrated applications that bring together the benefits of RFID and voice recognition will be the winning formula.

In a world of diminishing carrier options, the new ‘multiple carrier management’ packages will automate the juggling of shipments between a number of distribution companies.

The traditional supply chain model is changing, it’s becoming more ‘extreme’. So what will this mean for information technology and the systems needed to support the new model.