PALLITE PIX range expands to support the fashion and beauty industry with PIX SLOTS

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PALLITE is expanding its PIX range to include PIX SLOTS to meet the demands of businesses storing small and lightweight products, such as the fashion and beauty industry.

PALLITE launched its PIX range more than two years ago. An alternative to correx and corrugated pick bins, as well as metal racking, PALLITE PIX is designed to consolidate pick-faces to create more space in a warehouse, ultimately giving operators a higher yield of SKU density per square metre. The difference with PIX is that it overcomes the grievances you face when choosing any of the other solutions in the market and offers a flexible, quick-build, and easy to bespoke solution.  What’s more, PIX and PIX SLOTS is made from more than 85% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

PIX is quick and easy to build without the need for any tools. A customer recently proved just how quick when they had a team of two people build more than 9,000 pick-faces in just five hours, completely transforming their operations and business in a single day. It was easy and cost-effective for them to specify bespoke units and benefit from the short lead times offered by PALLITE, meaning they were not forced to settle for a solution that didn’t perfectly fit their space or modify their existing infrastructure to accommodate standard size units. What’s more, they can now flex the units around their ever-changing product range by removing dividers and store up to 200kg per shelf.

PIX SLOTS is a lighter-weight, lower-cost version of the original PIX range and focuses on consolidating pick-faces for lightweight and small items such as those found in the fashion and beauty industries. Since the UK soft launch in March, PIX SLOTS has already sold over £135,000 of units in the UK alone, with a further £30,000 landed as part of PALLITE’s ongoing international expansion.

“PIX is now in over 300 warehouses in the UK – but we know that with over 8,000 warehouses in the UK alone, it’s a drop in the ocean in terms of PIX reaching its full potential,” said David Rose, Innovation Director at PALLITE.

“The beauty of PIX is that it maximises the use of space in a warehouse thanks to its bespoke sizes and flexible pick-faces – but we always knew it wasn’t going to be a ‘one size fits all’ for long.

“That’s why we’ve launched PIX SLOTS – it’s the natural evolution of the range, and there are lots more innovations to come, so watch this space. We’ve always listened to and moved with the market, and with the changes that the pandemic has brought, it’s never been more important to do so.”

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