Pub and bar closures puts supply chain at “severe risk”

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The British Beer & Pub Association has warned of major disruption to supply chains in the sector from the second lockdown measures imposed by the government.

The trade association said the 28-day lockdown in the hospitality sector would result in thousands of pubs and many of the breweries that support them being lost.

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: Make no mistake, this could be the final straw for thousands of pubs and brewers. It will also create major disruption to our supply chain partners whose businesses are now also at severe risk.

“The level of financial support will need to be same, if not greater, than that provided for the first lockdown earlier this year.”

McClarkin added: “A clear, early signal on an economic stimulus package from April next year is a vital element of this. This includes extending the business rates holiday and the hospitality VAT cut, and support on beer duty.”

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