Red Ledge launches fast-build development tool

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Red Ledge is launching a more powerful, database-inclusive version of its proprietary ‘Red Ledge CORE’ systems development tool for manufacturing, asset and warehouse management systems.

The new CORE is designed around the system’s database as well as its application layers, integrating database technology and processes as standard.

Red Ledge’s own WMS, asset management and manufacturing systems will now be developed using the new CORE. New system users can now also purchase a CORE development licence to do their own ongoing development of products and applications, which then attach to the core system. Red Ledge CORE can also be purchased as a standalone development tool.

In a related move Red Ledge has added production planning to its set of development modules for the ‘Red Ledge Manufacturer’ system, improving links to raw materials and inventory and the management of quality-assured (QA) assets.


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