Robotics and Automation conference programme: Thursday

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The Robotics and Automation Exhibition includes a comprehensive conference programme that includes presentations from industry leaders such as Amazon, Ocado and DHL, as well as innovators in robotics technology including ABB, SP Technology, Dematic, and Tharsus.  The programme for second day is shown below:



10.00: Automating your picking and packing processes in retail

* Using robotics to improve picking accuracy

* Remaining connected and reducing labour costs

* Improved visibility within your warehouse

* Speaker: Jonatan Gal, Regional Director, Amazon


10.30: Robot Automation – The future for UK Manufacturing

* The challenges and benefits using robotics and automation

* Potential growth of employment and productivity

* What are the drivers for change

* Speaker: Mike Wilson, Chairman, BARA & Business Development Manager, ABB Robotics


11.00: Navigating the challenges and opportunities of robotics and automation

* The opportunity presented by disruptive technologies and trends

* Common pitfalls companies fall into when trying to integrate such technologies into existing processes and systems

* Explore the process Tharsus has developed to help customers leverage these new technologies to implement or create new products and services

* Speaker: Dave Swan, Chief Technology Officer, Tharsus Group


11.30: How to make a robot application safe

* Basic aspects of robot safety

* Key requirements of standards such as EN ISO 10218-2 & ISO/TS 15066

* Risk assessments and safeguarding of robots and robot systems

* Speaker: Jamie Thomas, Consultancy Sales and KAM, Pilz Automation Technology


12.00: Reducing Labour Costs While Meeting Increasing Demand with Dynamic Work Optimisation and Digital Automation

* Labour is the largest operating cost in most DCs and travelling between locations often accounts for as much as 50 per cent of labour time.

* Lucas’ Dynamic Work Optimisation (DWO) tool reduces travel time by up to 70 per cent resulting in increased productivity and lower labour costs

* The presentation will highlight how DWO achieves this, use features such as automated pick paths and smart location-based batching of orders, along with customer case studies on the benefits of DWO

* Speaker: James Hart, Business Development Executive, Lucas Systems EMEA


12.30: A Revolution in Logistics with ABB Robotics

* Why Robotics is important to the Logistics industry

* Look at the key technologies and innovations changing the face of

supply chain operations and areas that benefit the most from robotic innovations

* Acknowledge some deployed solutions for the distribution and e-fulfilment market

* Speaker: Eleanor Baverstock, Key Account Manager, ABB Service Robotics


13.00: Designing robots for interaction with humans

* Why interact with robots?

* Safe and intelligent interaction

* Design of robots for healthcare applications

* Speaker: Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov, Lecturer in Robotics at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Honorary Lecturer at the Department of Bioengineering, Queen Mary University of London & Imperial College London


13.30: Automated Guided Vehicles – users perspective

* Looking at the history of AGV focusing on early providers technology an truck providers

* Analyse different safety and guidance systems. Discover the types of battery and charging technology available

* What does the future bring to AGV’s?

* Speaker: Danielle Drozd, Innovation manager – CL UK, Kuehne and Nagel


14.00: The 4th Industrial Revolution, Automation and the Future of UK Manufacturing

* Explores what the 4th Industrial Revolution means

* How automation technologies will play a key role in the revolution

* Why UK manufacturing needs to embrace the revolution

* Speaker: Victoria Montag, Head- Industrial Automation, GAMBICA


Watch the day one exhibition video here. 

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