Selfridges to sustainably transform its supply chain

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Selfridges has today launched its sustainability initiative ‘Project Earth’, to transform its supply chain and the way its customers shop.

The retailer has  said that it aims to change the way its customers shop in three ways; by addressing the materials used in products, launching new retail models such as repair and resell, and engaging with teams, partners and customers to change attitudes.

Selfridges has said that it will ensure that the “most environmentally impactful materials” which are used throughout the business, come from “sustainable” sources by 2025.

The company will be working with the Woodland Trust and WWF.

Alannah Weston, Selfridges group chairman said: “Out of the global pandemic has come an understanding of how fragile and complex our systems are, but also how our planet and people can benefit if we act collectively with a shared purpose.

“Now more than ever we must double down on our efforts to reinvent retail with sustainability at its heart and a way of working which is regenerative for humans and nature.”

Anne Pitcher, global managing director of Selfridges Group said: “In a way we never could have predicted, the cycle of consumption has been broken by the pandemic marking a moment of change in our customers to a more considered mindset and requiring us to set new expectations for retail.”

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