Snapfulfil launches e-commerce version of WMS

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Snapfulfil is to launch a new edition of its warehouse management system aimed at e-commerce retailers.

The new edition has the same functionality as the current Snapfulfil SaaS WMS, but offers increased flexibility around user numbers and hardware provision and is available either as a paper-based and/or real time RF barcode scanning system.

Commercial director Gavin Clark said: “The biggest e-commerce retailers are continually ‘upping the ante’ in terms of the service they offer and, in today’s world of endless choice and aggressive competition, consumers make little distinction between the price and service they expect, whether it be from a multi-national corporation or an eBay seller.

“The advent of cloud computing has made Tier 1 WMS functionality more affordable and accessible and our new edition helps level the playing field, giving smaller organisations a fighting chance when it comes to fulfilment.”

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