Southgate Global is aiming to replace all of its packaging with more sustainable options

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Over the past twelve months, Southgate Global has launched more sustainable packaging, including a flexible paper sleeve, and a lightweight paper packaging solution.

In its new range of products, water-based glue is used to make them ‘100% biodegradable’.

A recent case study by a furniture retailer revealed that by changing to Southgate Global’s water activated tape, the company used 240% less product per year compared to standard plastic tapes. It also found that water activated tape was 55% faster to apply, and delivered a 20% cost saving per year over standard adhesive vinyl tapes.

Darren Smith, Head of Marketing at Southgate Global said: “With the global climate change conference Cop 26 running this week in Glasgow, we feel that it is vital that a British company is leading the way in the creation of sustainable packaging.

“Our latest product launches are part of our mission to continually focus on product innovation and the development of new, eco-friendly packaging alternatives. We work to very high standards, with sustainability at the forefront for our packaging range, which, ultimately, will help us and our clients contribute to the circular economy.”

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