Southgate launches recycled PET tape as a sustainable alternative

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Packaging supplier, Southgate Global has announced the launch of a new range of PET Tape, made from 85% recycled plastic.

With low environmental impact compared to traditional tape, PET Tape is the latest product to be added to Southgate’s new range of eco-friendly products and equipment.

“We are determined to continually invest in new product development, prioritising sustainability at every step,” commented Darren Smith, Head of Marketing at Southgate. “Over the past year, we have launched several new sustainable products as part of our mission to have an eco-friendly alternative for all our packaging products.”

Southgate recently calculated that every year it sells enough packaging tape to circle the Equator 6,672 times. Despite being a large amount of tape, that figure would only be a drop in the ocean in terms of global use, which lead the company to pose the question, ‘What is happening to all the plastic tape being used worldwide and how is this impacting our planet?’

With this in mind, the company’s dedicated New Product Development team introduced the recycled PET Tape, which has great eco-credentials yet, at the same time, outperforms conventional plastic tapes.

With high mechanical tear resistance, its ideal to close standard and recycled cardboard boxes and its reduced thickness allows a saving of over 20% of plastics.

“With the continued boom in e-commerce resulting in an increase in demand for packaging products, specifically those which are sustainable, we have been hard at work developing new innovations which meet this growing need without compromising on performance,” added Smith.

With the Plastic Packaging Tax due to take effect from April, which will apply to plastic packaging produced in or imported into the UK which does not contain at least 30 per cent recycled plastic, the new PET Tape provides an alternative to businesses who may not want to make the switch from plastic entirely.

“2022 is set to be a year of sustainable innovation in the industry and we’re excited to play our part as we continue to work hard on new product development at Southgate.”

Southgate serves more than 600 distributors across the UK and Europe, with customers specialising in warehousing and logistics.

The company has achieved a Silver EcoVadis rating, showcasing its focus on driving sustainability within its business and the wider industry. The rating recognises Southgate’s continued focus on cultivating innovative, eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

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