Speed and convenience top reasons for store shopping

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Speed and convenience are the top reasons why consumers choose to shop in-store, according to a new PCMS report.

The research found that 58 per cent of shoppers cite immediacy as their main reason for using stores to make purchases.

39 per cent said the store is more convenient than online, and 30 per cent perceived the speed to service to be quicker in-store compared to online.

84 per cent of shoppers said a quick and helpful customer service would make them most likely to shop with a retailer again, followed by quick check out and payment options (44 per cent). And 43 per cent of those surveyed said they will become less tolerant of slow checkout times over the next five years.

“Speed and convenience are central to creating positive in-store customer experiences and conversions, however, our recent research suggests that half of shoppers find the speed and quality of the customer service they experience variable,” said Steve Powell, director of sales, PCMS.

“In-store, where immediacy and support are the key customer benchmarks, retailers’ roadmaps need to prioritise areas like availability – for example, by empowering front-line staff with point of sale technology, which enables effective problem-solving interactions through access to operational and customer data.”

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