Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2020: Winners need to demonstrate “sustainable and transferable” skills

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Those looking to win a Supply Chain Excellence Award in 2020 will need to demonstrate a performance that is “sustainable and transferable” if they are to impress the judges this year.

The call comes from Jim Spittle, chairman of the board at NHS Supply Chain, is one of 32 judges that have devoted their time, expertise and knowledge to the 24th Supply Chain Excellence Awards.
He spoke to Logistics Manager about judging entries for the awards, which takes place on 12 November at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

Why did you choose to be a judge at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2020?

Spittle: “I have been engaged as a judge of these awards for a number of years and would hope my past and current experience in our profession puts me in a position to add value to the process in order to evaluate submissions and in particular constructively challenge assumptions/applications.:

What does supply chain excellence mean to you?

Spittle: “Innovation, appropriate application of IT and resilience with a critical focus on the customer ( internal/external) and, of course, it goes without saying that quality, efficiency and financial performance are priorities.”  

What are you looking for in a winning entry?

Spittle: “I have seen many submissions that appear to be selling the brand rather than adequately describing the objective, challenge, resolution and outcome backed up by key deliverables (KPI measurement and outcomes). For me it’s about, what has been achieved and what is sustainable, transferable and where is the ROI.

“Reinventing the wheel may well be good for the award submission and add real value to that business, however it is worthy of note that the competition and quality submissions for these awards are to a very high standard.”

The 24th Supply Chain Excellence Awards, with new categories for 2020, will take place on 12 November. For more information, including how to enter and sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected]

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