Supply chain failure sees big brands selling real fur

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Tesco, Boots, FatFace and Romwe have been caught mis-selling real fur as faux fur, according to an investigation by Human Society International UK (HSI) and the Mail on Sunday. Despite all having a no-fur policy, the retailers unknowingly sold the real fur products produced in China, demonstrating a failure in the management of their supply chains, and a lack of transparency.

The society said that these retailers are the latest in a long list of well-known retailers in the UK exposed for selling fake faux fur. In December last year, a joint HSI UK and Sky News investigation exposed T.K. Maxx, Boohoo, Amazon and Not On The High Street for selling mislabelled fur.

Tesco’s online store sold a £16 “faux fur” pom-pom key chain, and FatFace sold £18 chenille gloves with a “faux fur” pom-pom – both actually made of real rabbit fur.

Boots sold £3.99 hair clips advertised as faux fur, which when lab tested by HIS UK turned out to be mink fur.

Online fashion brand Romwe sold mislabelled fox fur shoes and a rabbit fur bobble hat as faux fur.

“Tesco, FatFace, Boots and Romwe are all companies with commendable no-fur policies, so it is very disappointing to find that real animal fur has slipped into their stores described as faux fur,” said Claire Bass, executive director of Humane Society International UK. “Most British consumers want nothing to do with the cruel fur trade so it is vital that retailers improve their vigilance to ensure their customers are not being misled into buying real fur.”

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