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Swiss activity

This month acquisition activity has focused around global Swiss logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel International.

Give RFID a second chance

After the hype, many feel disillusioned with RFID but the technology continues to move ahead as prices fall and trials proliferate.


Inventory management used to be about lean systems and JIT but accurate real time information is now more essential as demand-driven supply networks come on-stream. Perhaps one day, stock-outs really will be consigned to history.

Retailer unveils £20m import centre plans at container port

Asda is creating 300 jobs at its new £20M import centre with PD Teesport, part of PD Ports. The new facility, being built near Middlesborough, will save Asda an estimated two million road miles a year by shipping 70% of its distribution direct to Teesport

Tomorrow’s weld

The engineering sector is late on the supply chain bandwagon but the challenge of low cost overseas manufacturing means logistics is fast moving up the agenda. What does the future hold?

George Hadley

‘Managing a business is really about managing the supply chain,’ says the global operations director of De La Rue Cash Systems.

Blurred vision

The electronics and high tech sector has fully embraced online selling – the distinction between manufacturing and retailing is now blurred. But is this the only way forward?

Logistics glossary updated

The revised version of the ELA’s ‘Terminology of Logistics’ is now available. In order to work effectively along physical and information chains, logistics professionals use a number of terms that, while in frequent use, are rarely defined.

Shopping around

As consumers tighten their purse strings, retailers are facing a cold Christmas. Can global sourcing deliver the right goods at the price needed to entice the shoppers back?

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