T-shirts and trainers drive online fashion trends

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T-shirts and tops are the most common e-purchases with 46 per cent of shoppers purchasing them online while trainers are the most common footwear item with 72 per cent purchasing trainers online, according to Royal Mail.

Looking at online shopping trends in fashion and footwear Royal Mail found that the average UK fashion shopper spends £28 online compared to £27 spent in-store per month and the average footwear shopper spends £27 online compared to £22 in-store. This is based on the monthly average taken across a period of 3 months.

The average fashion shopper is found to be 46 years old, more likely to be female and live in the suburbs.

64 per cent of fashion shoppers opt for buying online because they can do it in their own time and are attracted by a wider choice of products (53 per cent) and cheaper prices (42 per cent). Likewise, footwear shoppers purchase online as to shop in their own time, finding there to be a wide range of choice (54 per cent) and cheaper prices available (44 per cent).

Delivery was found to be key with 20 per cent of fashion customers saying delivery tracking encourages them to shop online, as does the option to collect items if they are not in (14 per cent). And 42 per cent of shoppers are prepared to pay more for the convenience of a home delivery. Over half (56 per cent) would track every item they order if the service was available.

Again, for footwear, the delivery experience is key. 64 per cent of footwear shoppers feel more confident when ordering online with tracking and 59 per cent said they would track every item they order if the service was available.

“For retailers in the fashion and footwear sectors, to be successful it’s essential to understand the distinct habits of these shoppers. Social media is increasingly influential, especially for younger shoppers, but the recommendation of friends is far more important than celebrity endorsements. Providing as much information as possible is key when it comes to deliveries, with tracking giving customers increased confidence when ordering online,” said Royal Mail.

Physical stores are still important, says Royal Mail

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