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Sustainability is key to supply chain development

There is a strong correlation between sustainability and the future supply chain of the consumer products and retail industry, according to a new study by the Global Commerce Initiative together with Capgemini.

Getting in sync

Whether you are talking about a breakfast cereal called Corn Flakes or one called Flakes of Corn may not sound a big deal in the human world, but when it comes to exchanging information about products in the supply chain it could mean the difference...

RFID on trial

While almost three-quarters of major retailers expect to be implementing RFID schemes of one sort or another in the supply chain over the next five years, there are plenty of other possible applications – and a raft of potential pitfalls to overcome first

Centre stage

For years, retailers and their suppliers have been eulogising the need to collaborate – supported by a bewildering array of IT systems and an equally confusing assortment of acronym very little true collaboration has occurred — but finally that looks set

Parcels firm moves into new hub

APC Overnight has moved to a new hub at Essington, near Cannock, to accommodate its rapid expansion. It is the fourth time that the parcels company has moved to larger premises in nine years.

Think globally, act locally

In a hotel meeting room in Amsterdam the ProLogis European project management group are holding their quarterly meeting. The group currently has 14 members, representing seven different nationalities, and their skills range from architect, civil and mecha

Diversity challenge

For some time, international consolidation – with its associated logistics challenges – has been more prevalent among Continental than UK retailers. But do the Europeans really aspire only to match the muscle of the world’s ‘super-shop’, WalMart, or is th