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One size does not fit all in supply chain

It’s no use trying to make one size fit all in supply chain, Sue McGeorge, GB supply chain director at Diageo, told delegates in the opening session of the Logistics & Supply Chain Conference which is taking place in London today

Will you be there?

200 supply chain leaders will gather at London’s ETC Dexter House this Wednesday and Thursday, for the eagerly-awaited 2014 Logistics and Supply Chain Conference

200 industry leaders head to LSC

200 supply chain leaders have now registered to attend this year’s Logistics and Supply Chain Conference, which is taking place from 2-3 April at London’s ETC Dexter House

Award-winning coffee at LSC

Implementing new planning technology is a big investment, it takes time, money, and effort. So how do you roll-out such a project in a limited amount of time, with the promise of delivering business growth and cost savings?

More magical than a crystal ball

Unfortunately we cannot all look into a crystal ball and see into the future, some of us have to rely on predictions, and when these predictions are incorrect, it is not always a big deal, unless you work in supply chain

Two days of Leading Intelligence

Case studies from Award winning supply chains, presentations from industry leaders and a tiny computer that is taking the world by storm. It must be Supply Chain Standard’s 12th annual Logistics & Supply Chain Conference

Who you gonna call?

Every company would like to obtain visibility and control across its trading network, but when you’re one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, it becomes a necessity

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