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Challenges mount as e-sales boom

Retailers are increasingly dependent on e-commerce to drive growth, but this is creating its own problems. Alex Leonards looks at strategies being used to tackle the challenges ahead.

Pickface challenge

Order picking is possibly the single most challenging task in the warehouse, and choosing the right technological solution is critical to the efficiency and accuracy of the operation. Sam Tulip investigates.

Don’t take the racking for granted

Warehouses are changing faster than ever, driven by the growth of e-commerce, automation and even robotics. And that is changing the way racking and shelving is used.

Battling the Brexit brouhaha

Penelope Ody: Leaving the single market does not mean supply chain executives must wring their hands in despair – after all, they’ve faced predictions of doom before.

Moving with the times

Sales & operations planning seems to be flourishing with new developments around every corner, but some say forecasting is a waste of time. Alex Leonards reports…

Good news on the horizon…

Caution seems to be the watchword for developers and investors of speculative development alike, so what happens when one developer throws caution seemingly to the wind? Liza Helps reports.

Full of eastern promise

While there may not be space immediately available for occupiers in the M25 east, there are still plenty of opportunities. Liza Helps reports.