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Cash in on picking

There's a strong case to be made for investing in a new picking system - the business benefits are almost certainly greater that any interest the money might earn in the bank, reports Johanna Parsons.

Kern to distribute mail robot

Mailing service provider Kern is to distribute the iCart materials handling system under an agreement with automated technology manufacturer The Automation Group

New alert sounds for robot

RMT Robotics has launched a programmable sound system for the RMT Robotics ADAM (Autonomous Delivery and Manipulation) mobile robot, called ADAM Reactive Audio Playback

Eye opener

The growth of online retail and the development of new technologies, such as vision-based systems, is set to change the face of picking. Lucy Tesseras casts an eye over the options.

What’s moving and what’s shaking?

Why do companies seek to automate their warehouse facilities? It takes a large initial investment and nerves stronger than industrial shelving to alter a proven, if manual system.

CP opts for palletiser robots

FKI Logistex is providing Robotic Palletisers to Cereal Partners for use in the company's redeveloped Bromborough facility.