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There was an error in the article "Yearsley buys Celsius depots" on page 5 of the May 2006 edition of Logistics Manager relating to the cold store at Hams Hall.

Beyond the margins

A significant investment into a sophisticated automated national distribution centre for Unilever UK Foods has upped the productivity stakes for the company’s customer service offering. Now both customers and margins can be well served. By Nick Allen

The sharing game

A new generation of technology is giving supply chain collaboration a greater impetus. But are all parties prepared to play the game of sharing data?

Profit boost for Wincanton

Wincanton's underlying operating profit rose 5.3 per cent to £20m for the first half on sales up 9.9 per cent to at £879.8m.

Profit boost for Wincanton

Wincanton’s underlying operating profit rose 5.3% £20M for the first half on sales up 9.9% to at £879.8M.

Steve Melton

Having started out designing, building and running factories, logistics was not top of the career agenda for Argos' supply chain director. So what changed?

Automation replaces manual picking

The installation of Layer Pickers, supplied by Univeyor, is paying dividends for ACR Logistics at its 125,000sq m distribution centre at Veghel in the Netherlands. The Layer Pickers are located in the centre's automated storage area.

Improved strategy benefits efficiency

Unilever in Poland has renewed a five-year contract with ACR Logistics reinforcing its partnership as its sole logistics partner in the country. As a result, ACR Logistics has opened one of the most modern distribution centres in Poland dedi

Supply chain in the boardroom

The supply chain is of prime strategic importance to just about every global enterprise. The problem is getting the Board to realise this. Through the international councils of The Conference Board the power of networking can help turn minds – here’s how.