Technology to drive supply chain, says Mitsubishi

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A new report by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has found that technology will drive next generation supply chains that are “digital, on-demand and always-on”.

The Annual Industry Report outlines the potential of nine technologies to distrupt the industry, as well as their adoption rates and barriers to adoption. The technologies are as follows:

–Inventory and network optimization

–Sensors and automatic identification

–Cloud computing and storage

–Robotics and automation

–Predictive analytics

–Wearable and mobile technology

–Autonomous vehicles and drones

–3D printing

–The Internet of Things

92 per cent of respondents (up from 83 per cent on the previous year) of a survey for the research said that at least one of the nine technologies “could be a source of competitive advantage or disruption in their industry in the next 10 years.”

“With a strategic focus and the courage to collaborate, leading firms are utilizing these technologies to create digital capabilities that give them the competitive advantage they need to survive and thrive in today’s on-demand economy,” said George Prest, CEO of MHI.

The top five technologies that were identified as a source of either disruption or competitive advantage are:

–Robotics and automation (61%, up from 39% in 2015)

–Predictive analytics (57%, up from 38% in 2015)

–The Internet-of-Things (IoT) (55%, new category in 2017)

–Sensors and automatic identification (53%, up from 42% in 2015)

–Driverless vehicles & drones (54%, up from 30% in 2015)

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