Tesco picks Mercareon platform

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Tesco has changed the inbound goods processes used at its distribution centres in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and implemented Mercareon, a SaaS platform for time slot management at retail warehouses and distribution centres.

Jim Dickson, supply chain development manager for Tesco Central Europe, said: “Our distribution operations are built on three pillars, goods receiving, warehouse management and outbound transport. In Central Europe, we had adopted robust solutions for the last two, but we were still using some rather basic spreadsheet-based tools to manage our goods receiving process.”

Dickson and his team selected Mercareon to address the limitations of its existing approach.

“We liked the simplicity of the Mercareon approach. It was straightforward to integrate it with our existing systems,” says Dickson. “And the fact that many of our existing suppliers and their carriers already used the system was another bonus. It meant that our new process would some Carriers understood and could implement easily.”

Tesco has rolled out the Mercareon system to DCs in all four countries across the Central Europe region, and is on track to extend that to a total of ten DCs by the end of the year. The company has plans to extend the functionality of the system too.

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