Third of LGV drivers positive about CPC

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A survey by RTITB has found that a third of the LGV drivers asked think that the introduction of driver CPC has been a good thing.

Drivers are positive about the Driver CPC.

Drivers are positive about the Driver CPC.

24 per cent said that driver CPC training requirements would impact the probability of them staying in the industry.

74 per cent said they do not think driver CPC has had a negative impact on the industry.

“It’s a shame when I hear that some LGV drivers are still unconvinced by Driver CPC and I sometimes see research that reflect this,” said Laura Nelson, managing director of RTITB. “Our survey was conducted with drivers which attended RTITB training so I hope that the positivity in the results reflects the professionalism and quality of our courses.

“In light of the current shortage of skilled drivers it is a worry that continued professional development isn’t yet convincing drivers to remain within the profession in the future.”



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