Time to clean up your act? ICE Co-Botics impress at IntraLogisteX

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During the pandemic there have been many sectors that have had to continue working, most at an extremely heightened pace, particularly in the areas of healthcare and logistics. These sectors have needed to operate under difficult circumstances whilst ensuring that the environments were safe and thoroughly cleaned, all at an appropriate distance.

At IntraLogisteX today, ICE says its Co-Botics can accommodate all these factors and then some. “The Co-Botics equipment has been designed to integrate into cleaning team operations, picking up the manual and repetitive tasks, which then allows operators to focus on hygiene and sanitising activities to promote cleaner and safer environments,” a company spokesperson told Logistics Manager.

Historically, cleaning has always been a back of house function, not to be seen, and an undervalued process. Given everything that has happened this last year this has changed dramatically. “People want to see cleaning taking place, they want proof that the places they are visiting are both aesthetically and clinically clean. The public expect more from cleaning now – they want it to be front and centre rather than behind the scenes. Comfort is gained by seeing an autonomous machine in operation alongside a cleaning operative – providing complete proof of a clean and healthy environment.”

ICE is the UK’s largest independent provider of cleaning equipment and is exhibiting at IntraLogisteX on stand 1020

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