Too soon to speculate over Brexit, says BIFA

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The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has said it is “too soon” to begin speculating about UK-EU trade procedures, because the country is still a member of the EU.

Too soon to speculate over Brexit, says BIFAThe organisation said that in the run up to the exit it will campaign to ‘ensure that the movement of the UK’s visible import and export trade does not become overburdened by over complicated trade procedures’.

“BIFA is a neutral body and will now be looking at the ways in which we can support our members as the forthcoming legislative changes become apparent between now, the day that the UK formally triggers the resignation process and the date the country’s exit becomes effective,” said Robert Keen, director general of BIFA.

“Today the UK is still a member of the EU and it is too soon to start speculation on the outcome of two years plus of negotiations regarding trade deals and movement of goods.”

He said that the association will ensure those partaking in negotiations understand the role its members services play in “underpinning the movement of the UK’s visible trade with Europe.”

* Heathrow’s head of cargo, Nick Platts took the opportunity to restate the case for the expansion of the airport. “With today’s result, the case for expansion at Heathrow is stronger than ever before,” he said.

“Only Heathrow can help Britain be the great trading nation connecting all regions of the UK to the world. It is the keystone that connects businesses of every size to markets across the world as the UK’s only global hub airport.

“Global connections are critical for a new outward-looking UK to help our businesses and economy to thrive.”

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