Trailblazer’s express delivery standard granted

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The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has granted permission for the Trailblazer level two standard for delivery. The scheme is focused on final mile from food to post, vehicles, walking to motorbikes, light and heavy vans, customer service, returns and failed delivery.

trailblazer scheme accepted, Lord Falkland

Lord Falkland hosts the academic support of gowns for our next managers.

“This is a solution to the next generation workforce in final mile and we should be proud of the dedication of employers in the sector who have given time, expertise and energy to reach this goal for our sector,” said Lord Falkland, Institute of Couriers (IOC) president.

Justin Moore from Citysprint and Trailblazer chair said: “Outstanding news for the new year and our sector, the level two will support our front line.”



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