UK third in global online grocery market

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At 6.9 per cent the UK has the third largest share of the global e-commerce grocery market.

South Korea was first at 16.6 per cent, and Japan came second at 7.2 per cent.

The top 10:

Rank       Country                         E-commerce share of market 2016 (value)

1                 South Korea                      16.6 per cent

2                 Japan                                 7.2 per cent

3                 UK                                    6.9 per cent

4                 France                                5.3 per cent

5                 Taiwan                              5.2 per cent

6                 China                                 4.2 per cent

7                 Czech Republic                 2.1 per cent

8                 Spain                                 1.7 per cent

9                 The Netherlands                1.7 per cent

10               USA                                  1.4 per cent

Stéphane Roger, global shopper and retail director at Kantar Worldpanel, said: “FMCG growth is slowing, but our data shows that people are looking for more convenience, which can be met by shopping online. Grocery e-commerce, although currently small, with only one in four people shopping online, is growing fast. We forecast it will grow to 9 per cent of the market and be worth $150bn by 2025. With new entrants such as Amazon expanding rapidly, the industry is facing a shake-up.”

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