Vehicle tracking system for delivery vans

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Ctrack is targeting the courier and express market with a new a vehicle tracking system.

The idea is to protect multi-drop delivery vehicles which are increasingly being targeted by thieves when they have been left unattended while a delivery is made, with the vehicle keys in the ignition and the engine running.

It uses a high-pitched siren that will sound in the event of any unauthorised opening of doors while the engine is running, including the rear and side loading doors. Meanwhile, notifications will automatically alert the control room of an issue. The Ctrack software can then be used to immobilise the vehicle remotely in the event of a theft or hijacking, which once activated will also trigger the siren.

John Wisdom, European managing director, said: “There are many thousands of delivery vehicles in UK and mainland Europe that are fitted with our technology, so we have used this experience to develop a solution that addresses many of the day-to-day operational issues confronting the industry.”

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