Where The Trade Buys to produce face masks for NHS

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Printing company Where The Trade Buys has partnered with Prime Group to produce face masks for the NHS, to support essential workers through the COVID-19 crisis.

The company has committed to produce 15,000 units a day, while Prime Group has committed to produce 10,000 visors, meaning more than 500,000 units will be delivered every month.

Gary Peeling, chief executive officer at Where The Trade Buys, said: “PPE is a clear issue in the UK, not just distribution but local supply. Rather than waiting on containers from the far east, up and down the country are factories that can repurpose their output to solve the problem locally.

“We were delighted to partner with Prime Group and Pro Co on this project and encourage other print companies around the world by sharing the technical drawings. Globalisation brought this crisis to our door in weeks and collaboration can see it safely in short order.”

Mr Peeling concluded: “There are half a million NHS front line workers that need PPE each and every day and a similar number in other care sectors, possibly for the next three to four months. The cooperative is subsidising prices to the NHS to cost level from revenue generated for visor sales to the private sector and corporates”

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