Wingcopter announces ‘world’s first’ triple-drop delivery drone

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Drone forerunner Wingcopter has unveiled a new generation of delivery drone, the Wingcopter 198. This latest update is an all-electric, vertical-take-off-and-landing (eVTOL), fixed-wing drone that has been designed from the ground up to meet aviation safety and reliability requirements. The new delivery system leverages the company’s broad experience in aviation innovation and establishes what the company suggests is a ‘new industry standard’ in drone technology and drone-based logistics.

“The Wingcopter 198 is a game-changer for drone-based deliveries, ready to create logistical highways in the sky,” commented Tom Plümmer, CEO of Wingcopter. “It can be perfectly utilised as a fleet solution in delivery networks to create new opportunities, everywhere.”

This unique combination of software, hardware and operability makes the Wingcopter 198 the ideal platform for drone-based delivery of a broad selection of goods, from medical supplies to consumer goods, spare parts and tools, as well as groceries or freshly prepared food.

“We applied the many years of experience with the Wingcopter 178, the model that literally enabled us to take off as a company, and applied it to the development of the Wingcopter 198, optimizing every design aspect for ease of use, efficiency and safety,” explained Jonathan Hesselbarth, CTO of Wingcopter. “The result is what we believe to be the most advanced, versatile and efficient delivery drone solution in its category.”

Serial production according to the European aerospace quality management standard EN9100 at Wingcopter’s German headquarters will start shortly to meet the predicted global demand. For early access, the first 100 units of the Wingcopter 198 can be reserved as of today.

Wingcopter has also set up an Authorized Partner Program to qualify, certify and enable partners such as drone-as-a-service providers, distributors and dealers to operate, promote, distribute and support Wingcopter technology worldwide. Interested parties can now apply to join the program.

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