Wise Robotics adds VisionNav VNP15 to its range of automated forklifts

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Wise Robotics, supplier of flexible warehouse automation solutions and IntraLogisteX exhibitor has announced an extension of its range of autonomous warehouse robots.

Wise Robotics has launched VisionNav’s counterbalanced VNP15 automated forklift into its portfolio.

The VNP15 uses vision-based intelligence to automate material handling, storage and retrieval. The technology enables it to learn and then navigate existing infrastructure, making it adaptable and easier to deploy with minimal site modifications.

Wise Robotics and VisionNav began their partnership earlier this year.

“The VisionNav VNP15 is an extremely sophisticated autonomous forklift. Make no mistake, this isn’t a forklift that’s retrospectively been automated. It’s vision-based, which makes it especially adaptable to current warehouse layouts – and one of the key reasons we are supplying it is because it’s compatible with all pallets, cages and racks, something we’re seeing as a regular and important requirement of potential projects”, explained Joe Daft, Head of Robotics at Wise Robotics.

Jason Zhang, Director of Sales at VisionNav added: “Visual navigation technology is not only highly efficient; it is quick and easy to install and brings a rapid return on investment. The highly flexible technology allows driverless industrial trucks to be adopted with minimal disruption to a site’s existing intralogistics process and, typically, ROI is achieved after a period of 18-24 months.”

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