Zencargo partners with Pledge to offer CO2 visibility across shipments

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Digital freight forwarder Zencargo has partnered with carbon measurement and removal API-oriented platform Pledge to offer companies SKU-level visibility across all shipments.

The purpose of the partnership is to enable companies to offset their carbon emissions.

Pledge is an embedded climate infrastructure platform which allows carriers and freight of forwarders to integrate climate solutions including emissions measurements, into its customer offering.

“It’s more important than ever for companies to make climate-conscious supply chain decisions that will enable them to grow sustainability and satisfy stakeholder demands around emissions,” said Alex Hersham, Zencargo CEO and co-founder.

David de Picciotto, Co-founder and CEO of Pledge added: “Companies should know their carbon footprint as well as they know their balance sheet. We’re excited to help Zencargo’s customers bring footprint visibility and frictionless offsetting capabilities to accelerate the decarbonisation of supply chains.”

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