Saturday 22nd Oct 2016 - Logistics Manager

RDS weighs up new monitoring systems


RDS Technology has introduced a new range of on-board load monitoring and weighing systems for forklift trucks.

The Liftalert helps operators to avoid overloading a truck by signalling the load capacity as a percentage of the preset maximum and sounding an alarm once the vehicle is at its capacity.

As an extension of the Liftalert, the Liftlog 100 also displays the load as a live weight and has a multiple channel weighing option for use with different attachments or products.

Both are designed for load weighing in distribution centres, yards and warehouse environments or for checking incoming or outgoing goods.

Also new to the RDS weighing range is the SID 200, which measures speed and distance and is able to log any instances when a vehicle breaks the speed limit in a PIN-protected memory.