How cool is Boardall’s new system?

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Frozen food distributor Reed Boardall has developed a monitoring system to give real-time information about the internal temperature and location of their trailers.

Marcus Boardall, the director overseeing Reed Boardall’s latest innovation, said: “While there are plenty of ‘off-the-shelf’ devices for recording temperatures and for tracking vehicles there was nothing available that combined the two to supply positions and temperature information back to the office in real time.

“We have worked with fleet management specialists Mix Telematics and with our IT consultants Waterstons for three years to develop the technology to achieve this and more besides.”

The system also monitors the location of the trailer and several other operating factors. Again, this gives real time information so that there is no doubt from anyone in the supply chain where product is in relation to the plan.

“We now have these devices on half our trailer fleet and the feedback from everyone within our supply chain is excellent. It is definitely enhancing our operations and demonstrates the exemplary level of service we provide. The system will be rapidly rolled out across our entire fleet of 230 trailers over the next few months,” said Boardall.

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