Warehouse design tool update

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Cirrus Logistics has released the 11th generation of Class, its decision support tool for warehouse layout and optimisation.

Class 11 allows assumptions to be tested on a computer and delivers with the aim of improved performance in the real world.

A new Simulation Flow Analyser enables users to check input data at a glance. By looking at inbound and outbound flows and comparing volumes across all warehouse activity, the analyser reveals discrepancies in the proposed flows, as well as the extent of their impact, enabling users to revise their data before running the simulation.

And a new What-if Wizard allows managers to create What-if scenarios and run them through the simulation model. Users can assess the impact of any number of changes across the vehicle movements, volumes and activities in the warehouse as well as identify ways to maximise the capacity of their facility and avoid the need for significant additional investment.

In addition, Cirrus has developed the customisation ability of Class, which can be applied to team structures, task definitions and the type of unit handled at any stage in the simulation. Introduction of new 3-D objects serve to increase the visual impact and ‘real’ picture delivered by the simulations.

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