Sterling work at Heinz

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Foods group Heinz reckons it has made big savings as a result of implementing components of Sterling Business Integration Suite and Sterling Transport Management System.

Heinz uses the systems to manage its network of more than 1,200 suppliers shipping to more than 20 US plant locations and then on to hundreds of customers from end-to-end.

With the new systems, it has been able to decrease planned downtime by more than 80 per cent and increase efficiency gains for on-boarding trading partners and administering the system by more than 30 per cent.

In 2006, Heinz’s its inbound logistics operations were managed its by suppliers and carriers. However, Heinz decided to take control of those operations to gain synergies between its raw goods and finished goods sides of the business. The company recently implemented the freight payment module of Sterling TMS, a final step that completes the end-to-end process by automating the freight invoicing and payment processes with its carriers.

“Gaining control over our inbound logistics has been game changing for Heinz,” said David White, manager, dry warehousing, for Heinz.

“Connectivity was key. We started to gain a clearer view into the way our network works, and saw the easiest and greatest opportunities for making the network more efficient with minimal service interruption. From there, Sterling TMS provided us with complete control over our inbound freight, enabling us to take advantage of cost-savings opportunities more efficiently.”

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