UPS unveils post-sales order management system

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UPS has launched a post sales order management system aimed at helping companies better manage global service orders and inventory for critical parts fulfilment.

The web-based system is designed to provide companies with quicker assess to their critical parts inventory, and enable them to determine the best routeing strategy, place orders online and track parts from the warehouse to the end user.

The system will give companies access to real-time inventory data to locate the ideal warehouse to fulfil a parts request, then select the best routing to meet their deadline.

It provides visibility into the total delivery process, enabling users to see when the order is placed; picked up; on flight to a destination; delivered.

An automated e-mail or fax function has been added to help keep customers informed of each shipping milestone and can notify changes to flight schedules for commercial airlines carrying their parts.

The system also features a “closest warehouse” functionality, designed to help companies identify the nearest warehouse to the final destination for single or multiple parts orders.

An “inventory inquiry” feature determines on-hand, reserved and available inventory quantities by global warehouse location.

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