Scottish & Newcastle chooses Kewill

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Scottish & Newcastle, part of Heineken, has signed a multi-year contract with Kewill to manage and support its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements with its trading partners.

Kewill will replace Scottish & Newcastle’s existing EDI infrastructure and provide professional services to deploy Kewill’s MessageBroker, its large enterprise integration as a service offering and Xchange, its B”B managed file transfer service.

The system is designed to allow the company to seamlessly exchange orders, invoices and advance shipping notes electronically with suppliers.

It will also integrate directly with Scottish & Newcastle’s existing ERP and finance systems.

Douglas Smith at Scottish & Newcastle said: “By outsourcing our e-commerce activities to Kewill, we will be able to significantly improve our existing EDI service delivery capability and deliver a cost effective and scalable EDI platform.

“Working with Kewill will also ensure that we are at the forefront of the new developments in e-commerce.”

Jacquie Boast, Kewill’s European chief operating officer, added: “This contract will allow Scottish & Newcastle to quickly benefit from Kewill’s core competence in the area of fully managed business integration and EDI, streamlining the communication of business documents electronically with its trading partners and directly supporting Scottish & Newcastle’s strategic plan.”

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