MiX tracking for iPhone

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MiX Telematics has launched an iPhone app that enables users to track their vehicles using mobile phones.

The app gives vehicle speed and location and enables users to “pinch and stretch” the screens of their iPhones to zoom in and out on maps based on Google mapping, including street, satellite and hybrid views.

Route reports can be generated and vehicle whereabouts queried at any time, with locations reported via SMS text messaging. To protect against unauthorised use, the system allows the creation of geo-fenced “no-go” areas, with any infringements automatically reported via SMS or e-mail to a pre-specified list of contacts.

Vehicles can be viewed on one map or individually and followed in real-time. Using the iPhone’s built in GPS, users are able to find their way back to their vehicles. Historical information is available in trip reports which display the total mileage a vehicle has driven within the past 48 hours. Trips are plotted on a map to view an entire route or just start and end points.

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