Faster route to a Big Mac

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LR Services has automated its distribution planning of 4,000 weekly deliveries to McDonald’s restaurants in France with Paragon’s routeing and scheduling software.

LR Services, part of the Keystone Foods group, has to operate under constraints that are unique to McDonald’s France including variable order volumes, changeable time windows for different types of delivery and different delivery frequencies.

It has simplified and streamlined the process by using a combination of Paragon Multi Period Planner and Paragon Multi Depot software,

Distribution project manager Bruno Thery said: “We must have visibility of the total order volumes for each week, plus the delivery frequency for each restaurant. We also need to be able to integrate different types of deliveries within available time windows; and, to do this manually would be extremely difficult. Paragon automates this planning for us by allocating the volumes to the right days and optimising the trips. This increases efficiency and reduces road miles.

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