Real time delivery data for SPAR

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SPAR stores distributor James Hall & Co is planning the introduction of a real-time customer service system using Masternaut Three X.

It is developing a web-based system that will enable store owners and managers to gain access to real-time delivery information by logging on to the WebSPAR intranet service.

Hall’s fleet is already equipped with Masternaut vehicle tracking, allowing real-time fleet activity information to be captured and fed into the system.

Transport manager Mark Clayden said: “We are in the very early stages of developing the system, but we hope that the integration of Masternaut with WebSPAR will make a major enhancement to our customer services. Using the live Masternaut information we will be able to keep our customers informed about the forecast time of arrival of their deliveries.”

Hall hopes to make the system available to all 450+ SPAR stores operating in northern England.

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